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Allure Africa Group is an Award Winning Premier Spa & Lifestyle Business headquartered in Accra ,Ghana with an office in Washington DC USA.

The primary business focus of Allure Africa is to develop and grow premium Spa & Lifestyle companies throughout Africa, with an emphasis on forging international strategic partnerships.

The companies and brands within the group are Allure Spa In the City, Allure Sales and Distribution Company, Allure College, KANSHI, IYABA, and CHANGE YOUR IMAGE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Allure Africa’s Core Business Activities are Day Spa and Grooming Services Delivery, Product Distribution, Education and Training and & Spa, Grooming and Image Consulting.  

Our Story

“The evolution of Allure Africa has really been like our butterfly” says Dzigbordi Dosoo, Founder and CEO. “We have accelerated through the natural stages of growth very quickly. And it has been both exciting and satisfying to watch Allure Africa mature. Now Allure Africa is a fully fledged premier Spa Group; spreading its wings all over the African wellness and beauty industry.” comments Dzigbordi. “Our milestones give us the strength to keep going”.

She continues “The Allure story started in 1997 when, I returned to Ghana after studying and working in the US. I landed in Ghana armed with a degree in finance, a successful stint in banking, my faith in God, my determination (which has often been described as that of an eagle), a passion for wellness & beauty and a love of fashion.”

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“My philosophy has always been to match international standards, so like the butterfly we keep on evolving, introducing innovations and new technology. I really don’t think anybody else in West Africa can say they offer the same service we do.”

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