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Allure Africa Group is an Award Winning Premier Spa & Lifestyle Business headquartered in Accra ,Ghana with an office in Washington DC USA.

The primary business focus of Allure Africa is to develop and grow premium Spa & Lifestyle companies throughout Africa, with an emphasis on forging international strategic partnerships.

The companies and brands within the group are Allure Spa In the City, Allure Sales and Distribution Company, Allure College, KANSHI, IYABA, and CHANGE YOUR IMAGE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Allure Africa’s Core Business Activities are Day Spa and Grooming Services Delivery, Product Distribution, Education and Training and & Spa, Grooming and Image Consulting.

Our Story From 2006 - 2007

“Allure Spa in the City - the only five star day spa in West Africa, and Allure Man -our professional male grooming brand were born. We believed the country and sub region were now ready.These were totally new business lines and they evolved our concept to a new level. The focus was wellness, grooming and beauty - ensuring that our clients achieve the “me –inside- out “.

It became critical to us that our brands focus on self, inner wellbeing and outer image.
Allure Spa in the City was to deliver preventative therapy and relaxation treatments and Allure Man and Allure Beauty Palace to offer services that completes the wellness cycle by grooming and enhancing the external image of clients.”

“There have been many turning points in our past but 2007 marked the major one. It was time for me to make a choice between passion and profitability. Passion won and our business model was completely restructured.

Our focus was now technical leadership in wellness grooming and beauty, all our other business lines were discontinued. The Eagle Group became ALLURE AFRICA group focused on services, product distribution, education and consulting within the Spa Industry.
Allure’s trade mark pink and green corporate colors evolved to green and lilac to reflect our core belief in nature and the premium standard of our services and products.”

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